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Boxer II

(Sch: T. 194; 1. 88'; b. 23'6"; dr. a. 2 9-pdr. S. B.,
8 24-pdr. B.; cl. Boxer)

The second Boxer, a 10-gun schooner, was launched 22 November 1831 by Boston Navy Yard and commissioned the following year, Lieutenant B. Page, Jr., in command.

Between 1832 and 1840 Boxer served on the Brazil (1832-33), West Indies (1834), and Pacific. In 1840 On her return to New York from the Pacific, she was thoroughly repaired and re-rigged as a brig. During 1842-44 she served with the Home Squadron and was then laid up at Boston Navy Yard. Recommissioned in 1846 she cruised with the African Squadron until 1848 when she returned to Philadelphia Navy Yard. Found unworthy of further repairs she was sold there 7 August 1848.

The third Boxer was a blockade runner captured during the Civil War and taken into service as Tristram Shandy (q. v.). She was renamed Boxer 12 June 1865.


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