Fitzgerald Theater

Fitzgerald Theater

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Located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, the Fitzgerald Theater is the oldest surviving theater in the city.It was established in 1910, by entertainment industry leaders Lee and J.J. Shubert Theater.Modeled after the Maxine Elliot Theater in New York City, the theater was constructed of concrete and steel with a sandstone facade. It features 16 dressing rooms, a stage that can be raised or lowered by two feet, and a built-in, vacuum-cleaning system.The theater became a foreign-film house in 1933; hence, it was renamed the World Theater. Minnesota Public Radio bought the theater in 1980.In 1986, it was renovated for the live radio program, "A Prairie Home Companion," with Garrison Keillor.In 1994, the building`s name was changed to Fitzgerald Theater in honor of author F. Scott Fitzgerald, a native of St. Paul.Over the years, it has hosted Broadway musicals, Vaudeville shows, film festivals, and concerts.

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